How I went from

unhealthy to thriving

I played sports growing up and after graduating from high school, I felt clueless with how to take care of myself. I gained weight, had little to no energy, struggled with depression and anxiety and found myself resorting to quick fixes and fad diets hoping that would help. It has been a journey of trial and error and it has been everything but linear. I continue to figure out what works for me and my body but have found routines, structure and a lifestyle that is incredibly sustainable and I feel better than ever before.  

It is not an all or nothing battle and it is surely not black and white - I have made pouring into myself and my health a priority each and every day and it has overflowed into every aspect of my life. I show up as the best version of myself as a fitness coach, family member, friend, and girl friend simply because I stopped putting myself on the back burner. I started small with tweaking my routines and getting a personal trainer (2016) and then educating myself on macros and exercises leading me to becoming a certified personal trainer and spin instructor (2018) and I have never looked back. 

me as a high school soccer athlete

when I felt so lost & needed structure with fitness






Graduated highschool!

Went to Western Michigan University, where I had no structure, and really struggled with nutrition and my overall health

Transferred to University of Alabama where I invested in my own personal trainer - which lead to sparking my passion for fitness and helping others in their journeys!

Personal Training in a local gym, and teaching spin classes! But then Covid hit... and I took my clients to online training and started posting on social media!

My social media and online coaching business grew, and I moved to Florida to go full time with online coaching and growing my social media platforms (aka- sharing more than just fitness!)